Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week 5 Floats and Flags

One part of our job as interns at JMKAC was to help design a float and walk in the annual 4th of July Parade here in Sheboygan.  (Normally, the float would revolve around the annual cardboard boat regatta, but the event had to be canceled since the Sheboygan River is being dredged.)  Kim, another intern at the Art Center, did a fabulous job organizing and planning the event.  Just wanted to share a few pictures!

Kim giving a quick pep talk before the parade.

Our theme was "The Line Unleashed" to correspond with the exhibit theme in the museum.  
It's also the Art Center's and their adjoining Preschool's 45th Anniversary this year, so we made a giant (cardboard) cake. 
In keeping with the theme, many of us were decked out in stripes and patriotic colors for the occasion.

The streamers were supposed to mimic Dave Eppley's piece Loom, in the Main Gallery.
Some ballet students and students from the preschool also joined in.     

Many of us handed out flyers and hand drawn puppets to parents and children instead of candy.  

Nearing the end!  It was nearly 95 degrees! 

We tried to make up a cheer to compete with the cheer squad in front of us.

DONE!  Time for barbecue!

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